On November 8th New Jersey voters will be heading to the polls to elect our legislators, county leadership, and in some towns the Mayor and Council.  Don’t wait until Election Day to find out you’re not registered to vote.

If you recently changed apartments, or just moved to Paterson you have until October 18th to register to vote.

Here are some helpful tips and resources.

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  1. Confirm where you are registered to vote (for NJ Natives). The New Jersey Division of Election has an easy-to-use online form you can fill out and confirm if, and where, you’re registered. Click here for the NJ Elections Form.
  1. Want to register to vote in Paterson? Click here for the voter registration form for Passaic County. (Espanol)  For this year’s elections, the deadline is October 18th.

To be eligible to vote in Paterson: you will be 18 by the election; you have lived in Paterson (or Passaic County) at least 30 days in advance of the election; you are a US Citizen; and you are not a felon or on parole.

  1. Mail (or hand deliver) your voter registration form to:

Passaic County Commissioner of Registration

311 Pennsylvania Avenue

Paterson, NJ 07503