PATERSON, NJ – City health inspectors responding to complaints from tenants at 282 Broadway found a variety of problems at the apartment building.

Health and Human Services Director Donna Nelson-Ivy said her office found nine apartments in the five-story building with bedbugs and issued an order telling the landlord to have the building exterminated within 10 days or face fines.

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Nelson-Ivy also said there were a number of building safety code problems that her inspectors referred to the city’s Division of Community Improvements for inspections by its staff. Among those were apartments with leaky ceilings, peeling paint, cracked walls and a drainage malfunction.

“There are some major building issues going on in there,’’ she said.

Residents of the five-story apartment building say they had been without hot water from April 20 until April 26. That situation is what prompted the visit from the city’s health department.  On the evening of April 26, the hot water resumed, according to Nelson-Ivy.

But the next day, tenants say, the hot water was off once again. Under the law, landlords receive a summons if there’s no water available, but only get a complaint filed against them if there’s cold water available.

On April 26, two days after posted a story about the lack of hot water at the building, its elevator stopped working. One woman who lives in the building said she believed the building’s management had shut the elevator down in retaliation for the residents’ complaints to the city and the press.

Nelson-Ivy said the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs handles elevator issues and can be reached at 609-292-7898.

The building's owner, which residents identified as Kevco Realty, did not return messages left by Nelson-Ivy said the landlord did not return her staff's calls as well.