The Bronze Shields of Passaic County is a Minority Law Enforcement Association whose purpose is to promote unity among African American Law Enforcement Professionals within Passaic County (NJ) and to provide community- based solutions to policing issues which have a direct impact on the African American, Latino and other minority communities.

We’ve been successful in our mission to achieve the aforementioned goals by promoting various programs designed to empower young people, enhance the professional and career development of our membership, improving the quality of life in poor and low-income communities and strengthening the bonds between community members and law enforcement representatives. Moreover, we collaborate with organizations of similar concerns to achieve like-minded goals.

We’ve also utilized some of the following initiatives to foster relationships and goodwill with the community we serve, positively expose youth to a career in the Criminal Justice field, attending training conferences for Law Enforcement and Community members and conduct member advocacy sessions and various other endeavors.

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The aforementioned goals remain the cornerstone of our existence.

The Bronze Shields of Passaic County have always been proactive and not just reactive to the plagues in our community. We have always provided training and seminars to teach our community to “Know your rights”, “What to do when stopped by the police”, “How to follow up with an “Internal Affairs Complaint” and so on.

Our members are actively involved in training of new and current officers in “Cultural Diversity”, “Use of Force” and more recently “How to deal with the Deaf community.” We will continue to take an active part in preparing those who are interested in becoming police officers for the process and insure fair treatment during the process.

We will also continue to host and fund events in our community such as “Book Bag and school supply give-away’s”, “National Night Out”,“Community Cookouts” to bring people together and show Law Enforcement in a positive light.

Considering the current events, we, the members of the Bronze Shields of Passaic County collectively stand with the family of Brother George Floyd and call for swift and immediate actions by the overseeing law enforcement authority. We call for justice and in this case justice is nothing less than these four officers being arrested charged and their freedom taken away.

After painfully viewing the video, it is obvious there is absolutely no reason for the use of deadly force by Derek Chauvin. I will not put officer in front of his name because he does not and should not be allowed to wear a badge ever again. In other words, he acted with “Depraved Indifference” towards human life. The officers who “Failed to Act” to interrupt the flow of this officers’ actions are just as guilty.

Every human has an obligation to invoke their own corrective action, when they see an injustice. Any one of these officers could have removed Derek Shauvin or Brother George Floyd from the situation and that could have saved his life, possibly saved the officers’ jobs and saved the country a lot of pain. This is also evidence of how the actions of a few can have such an enormous impact on others.

There is no room in this society, especially in police work, for cowards who act this way or allow it to happen to someone else. If a person cannot or will not control their own biases, their own discrimination or their own racist actions should not be allowed to wear a police uniform. Moreover, once these traits rear their ugly heads that person should be removed from their positions.

While we recognize that racism is a learned behavior, we also recognize that the primary way to eliminate these types of people from becoming Law Enforcement professionals is to avoid “Negligent Hiring and Negligent Retention.” In short, the wrong people are hired, and the wrong people continue to be employed.

While we recognize that the horrible, illegal and reprehensible actions of these individuals represent moral turpitude, their actions or lack thereof do not represent the millions of professionals, who show up day in and day out to do the job the right way. The Bronze Shields are affiliated with numerous national police associations across the country and we stand together to say that enough ... is more than enough.

It is time to end Racially Influenced Policing once and for all!

To the family of George Floyd “We stand with you.” To George Floyd “We Stand For You.”