First Ward...It is time for a change.

In the last 10 years our community has been suffering from a deficiency and absence of a true leader whom not only shares the characteristics of being invisible, inaccessible, and almost to say a stranger for our neighbors of the first ward, he is also known for his support in worsening the living conditions in our community.  The current City Councilman of the first ward has shown his lack of interest for the well-being of our neighbors.  He has supported the layoff of police officers, raised our sewerage fees by 100%, and always supported the increase of our property taxes as well.

After being disconnected and out of reach from our people for over a decade he is now in search of our support and looking for our vote.  Our vote is essential in this election and should not be taken advantage of.  It is our vote that will make a difference in this election so why waste it on someone with the voting history and absenteeism displayed by the current first ward councilman.

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It is time to show these politicians that are only seen during election time that we will not be fooled!

It is time to vote for a change in the first ward in Paterson! 

A Concerned Resident,

Robersy Spraus