We all at one time or another have disagreements with people. I believe that its perfectly all right to disagree as long we respect each other enough to disagree in a nonviolent manner.  

In addition to that, we must also learn to listen to both sides of an opinion. I believe that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Its up to us to figure out why he did it.

Picture two people talking, then soon it turns into an argument and ultimately into a full blown altercation. How did it move so quickly through those stages?

The problem, and often the moment when a disagreement escalates into an argument or even a violent act, is when we don’t take the time to hear the other person’s point of view.

The refusal to make an effort to understand another person’s thoughts not only hurts that relationship, but ultimately blocks our connection with the truth.

When we cut ourselves off totally from those who seek to offer their opinion of the truth, then truth will cut itself off from us in a sense. Truth has 2 sides, that's a non negotiable fact of life.

Truth is a powerful force. Truth will emerge victorious despite all attempts made to try and submerge it in avalanches of rhetoric or falsehood. It can be likened to that of a shadow.

When we move, our shadow will also move with precisely the same speed and direction as our movement. And just like our shadow - its impossible to hide from the truth.

Our actions in this world are like a boomerang: If we do good, then good comes back to us; on the other hand, if we cause conflict or separation, then those things too will come back to us. 

When we find ourselves involved in disagreements, let’s start seeing them as opportunities to open our ears, souls, minds and most importantly our hearts to the truth that is trying to be revealed to us. 

By doing so, we will create an opening for love to unity to merge us together and for truth guide us in the right direction. At the end of the day, its about working together as one unit.

All The Best,

Corey L. Teague