LITTLE FALLS, NJ - Democratic Mayoral Candidate, James Damiano penned an open email this week, requesting that Little Falls follow in the footsteps of other NJ Municipalities and paint a street with a thin blue line in support of the Little Falls Police Department.

The gesture of painting a blue line in the streets has received an overwhelming praise on social media when Damiano shared it on Facebook.

Here is the email:

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Dear Mayor Conti and Council members:

In light of all of the negative publicity shed on police officers throughout this country, I would like to move forward with the blue line initiative and paint one of our main roads with a blue line between the double yellow line. Numerous other communities have been moving forward with this initiative to provide a visual that the residents of the municipality support their police. I am hopeful that you will all agree that this is a positive reminder to our residents of the dangers police face every day, risking their lives to ensure ours are safer.

Municipalities throughout New Jersey have begun to paint a thin blue line that runs between the double yellow lines in the streets. With recent events, and the negative light shed on police officers, many communities have decided to visibly show this sign of support to the men and women who put their lives on the line to serve and protect all of us.

Wayne, a neighboring town, recently painted a thin blue line down the center of Valley Road between Preakness Avenue and Nellis Drive where the police department is located. By painting the blue line, Wayne residents have a daily reminder to show support for the police department who keep their communities safe.

When TAPinto Passaic Valley asked James Damiano what was asked about the importance of painting a thin blue line that runs through Little Falls, Damiano stated, "The Blue Line provides a daily visual reminder to the public that the Police risk their lives each day to ensure that ours are safer."