Paterson, N.J.- Malqui Tax Experts has been a staple in the community since 1975, the family owned business has grown to be the epitome of the American Dream. Coming from humble beginnings Julio Malqui migrated from Peru to the United States and eventually graduated from William Paterson University and went on to open his tax preparing business.  Julio eventually passed the baton to his son the current owner, Ceasar Malqui. Ceasar holds several titles including a law degree from Rutgers, and recently acquired the distinguished title of master tax-agent.

Malqui Tax Experts have noticed a recurring problem with their clients taxes.  The exaggeration of expenses can result in an audit, which may cause the client to receive many fines. 

 Malqui stressed that young people in particular need to be aware of the seriousness of taxes and the laws associated with them. Malqui has given an example of bringing a clients amount due to zero.  This is a firm that cares about the people in Paterson and the community as a whole.  He also urges the community to be vigilant in regards to identity theft another problem that he has seen occurring to unsuspecting people. In order to protect yourself from the dangers associated with taxes he strongly stressed the importance of hiring a tax professional that has experience in handling a wide variety of cases, and a track record of success. Taxes are serious business that can lead to serious problems if not handled correctly.

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 Malqui Tax assists several businesses, and strongly advises all business owners to be very cautious in hiring the proper tax professional to advise them. Ceasar stressed the importance of maintaining your proper records in order, to prevent yourself from incurring major penalties. He recalled the case of a business owner who owed a large amount of taxes to the state, officials proceeded to seize the assets of the business. Malqui was able to successfully get the tax lien released and save the business from foreclosure. Having experienced a plethora of similar cases Malqui pointed out that the common thread amongst businesses that face these problems is the hiring of unqualified individuals to manage the tax preparation. A suggestion he has for business owners is to properly structure their corporations so that the taxes are filed under the name of the business not the business owner, this should be done with the help of a financial professional.


In need of tax advice or in a bind with the IRS.  Call Malqui Tax, they have the resolutions to all your problems.