Dear Mayor Council members, Business Administrator and Mr Forsman.

With reference to the PatersonPress article, whilst I agree that the matter needs to be looked into as a safeguard to the public interest, what a pity we cannot see the same sense of urgency from you all when it comes to:

  • Passing the Municipal Budget (now 8 1/2 months late)
  • Hiring a Police Chief.
  • Rehiring 125 laid off Police officers and fighting crime (more people shot yesterday in a drive by).
  • Creating a coherent economic development plan to bring in rateables.
  • Disciplining the OTSCAM miscreants and making sure the monies are repaid by everyone.
  • Overseeing the Department of Community Development.
  • Lowering our property taxes to sane levels.
  • Youth programs (summer is rushing towards us).
  • Repairing potholes ( with the mildest winter in years, you'd think the DPW would get a jump on this for next winter).

Kind regards,
Michael Symonds