The Paterson Artwalk 2013, begins on May 18 in Great Falls National Park

Consider the history of the City of Paterson as your pallet and the Great Falls National Park as your canvas. We are looking for performers, visual artists, historians and anyone who loves the Newest National Park to participate. Please join us in creating a great event for the community. 

If you would like to be a part if the show, contact

Please read on for more details about the Paterson Artwalk 2013. This year we have many exciting ideas and we hope to create a wonderful event for the city of Paterson. 

Along with visual exhibitions, musical events  will dot various locations in and around the Great Falls National Park. 

We are adding a scavenger hunt to the Art Walk. We are inviting people of all ages and organizations to participate in this process. Most of the scavenger hunt will take place in the Great Falls National Park. 

*We will decide how far out from the park we will go as we plan or program but we will have a scavenger hunt throughout the park and all day. Exhibitors have an opportunity to participate in our contest. We will have prizes for the best installation, the most artistic, the most historic, the biggest, the smallest and various ways of recognizing excellence. 

For now we will use the map of the National Park as our guide and ask the public to propose ideas for their part in the Scavenger Hunt. 

First: All elements of the scavenger hunt must be "green" to the best of our abilities and without bringing too many things into the park. We know that this may not give us enough options so we invite you to meet with us to get guidance. 

We are creating a scavenger hunt based on geology, geography, history, arts, crafts and anything that can be connected back to the history of the city of Paterson. 

We invite musicians and dancers to consider performing in various locations  throughout the landscape.We are exploring dances that can happen on the bridge and other locations near the bridge. These movements will be seen from the global earth cam. The opportunities for creativity are endless. 

All installations (if they are brought in and not a part of the natural setting...) will be dismantled before dusk. 

A Drum Circle begins at dusk, calling everyone back and commemorating the Native Americans that came before us. 

We will end the evening with an award ceremony with music, poetry and refreshments. 

Any questions please contact us. We will be setting our schedule for all events as we approach the date. 

This is an artistic/educational opportunity for everyone. Please let us  know if you are interested in exhibiting  or volunteering. We are looking forward to this event with you.