PATERSON, NJ- At an outdoor press conference on the steps of Paterson’s historic St. Bonaventure Church, Mayor Andre Sayegh promised to make good on another campaign promise by updating residents on the 2018 road resurfacing plan and offering a commitment to “address 23 city streets between now and the end of the year.” 

Calling it a “quality of life issue” Sayegh told those gathered that the issue of needed road repairs “has gone on too long.” Having potholes, he said, affects the city’s image and negatively impacts residents, businesses, and visitors.

“A lot of our constituents have complained about the conditions of the roads,” Councilwoman-At-Large Lilisa Mimms stated.  “When community members speak, we need to listen.”  

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Saying that some streets in her 4th Ward have been neglected for nearly 25 years Councilwoman Ruby Cotton expressed that she is ready for progress professing that she keeps “a list on (her) desk of every street that needs attention.”  

The resurfacing will be done by an outside contractor while pothole repair will continue to be addressed by the Paterson Department of Public Works.  A grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation of $539,000 has been provided to aid in funding the initiative.

For the streets to be paved accessibility ramps and raised manhole covers must be completed and the quality of PSE&G’s gas pipelines must also be addressed, according to officials.

“Our transportation infrastructure in Paterson is in dire need of upgrades,” 6th Ward Councilman Al Abdelaziz said in a written statement. “I will continued to partner with Mayor Sayegh and my council colleagues to fight for road improvements in the 6th Ward and the entire city.”

Paterson DPW Director William Rodriguez said he is happy about the resurfacing plans but that his department still needs more help. “We only have one truck in the entire city to repair pot holes,” Rodriguez stated.  “I have asked the administration to provide another one.” 

Also joining the city officials was Father Francis McHugh, associate pastor of the church which stands on the corner of Danforth and Ramsey Streets, and is one of the roads targeted to be completed under the plan. 

“This is wonderful,” McHugh stated. “This shows that city officials are truly listening and understand what we need.”


 In addition to Danforth, the follow roads are scheduled to be resurfaced:

1. Jefferson Street from Burhans Avenue to presidential Boulevard

2. Ryle Avenue from Totowa to Matlock Street

3. Totowa Avenue from Ryle Avenue to West Broadway

4. Temple Street from Burhans Avenue to Presidential Boulevard

5. 8th Avenue from Madison Avenue to McLean Boulevard

6. East 16th Street from River Street to 4th Avenue

7. Sparrow Street from River Street to North York Street

8. North York Street from Lyons Street to Sassafras Street

9. Carroll Street from Harrison Street to Hamilton Avenue

10. Van Houten Street from Straight to East 18th Street 

11. Madison Street from 20th Avenue to Cedar Street 

12. Summer Street from Pearl Street to 16th Avenue 

13. Marshall Street from Oliver to Grand Street 

14. Pearl Street from Straight to East 18th Street 

15. Rosa Parks Boulevard from Ellison to Pearl Street 

16. Rosa Parks Boulevard from Park Avenue to Oak Street 

17. Park Avenue from Straight to East 18th Street 

18. Park Avenue from Market to Straight Street 

19. Thomas Street from Main Street to West Railway Avenue 

20. George Street from Main Street to West Railway Avenue 

21. Alabama Avenue from East Railway to Trenton Avenue 

22. Dundee Avenue from East Railway to Lakeview Avenue.