PATERSON, NJ - Mayor Andre Sayegh is set to release the findings of his Transition Team at a city hall press conference on Thursday. The report reflects the work of more than 100 volunteers that were appointed to the committee following Sayegh's victory on May 8, and included hundreds of hours of in-depth discussions and research, as well as three public forums.

The nearly 90-page report, a draft copy of which was obtained by TAPinto Paterson, laments that while the city has a “glorious history, a mighty industrial legacy, and natural wonders found nowhere else,” it also has “no shortage of challenges.”

Corruption, a failure to deliver services, and a lack of collaboration among “different components of local government,” the report insinuates, have held the city back.

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Members of the Transition Team, chaired by Vaughn McKoy, who is currently serving as the city’s Business Administrator, were each assigned to one of 11 “priority areas” including public integrity; community & economic development; recreation, education, and youth; and labor & workforce development.

“When I was elected I created a team of diverse and dedicated individuals to provide recommendations for improving government in Paterson,” Sayegh said in a statement announcing the report’s release. “I look forward to sharing the final report, which provides a detailed blueprint for the work of my Administration.”

Each transition committee set benchmarks for the Sayegh Administration’s first 100 days, first six months, first year, and its entire four-year term.

Among the recommendations for action within the first 100 days are:

  • The adoption of a Code of Ethics for Paterson public officials and employees.

  • Establishment of a Mayor’s Task Force of administration heads to meet monthly to review public safety and quality of life concerns throughout the city.

  • Direct the Corporation Counsel to assess the property tax dispute with St. Joseph’s Hospital.

  • Reactivate the Paterson Environmental Commission.

  • Create an active social media presence for the city.

  • Partner with the N.J. Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) to ensure maximized used of the $130 million in tax credits.

  • Conduct a comprehensive municipal court audit.  

  • Convene top public and private employers to understand the workforce needs and trends and desired skills.

  • Hire two grant professionals to resolve issues concerning outstanding Community Development Block Grants due to the city.

  • Consider appointing a public information officer for the administration to provide accurate information to the public.

  • Direct the Municipal Engineer to re-evaluate the the current road resurfacing program.

  • Plan and promote a poetry festival.

  • Open revitalized “Overlook Park” at the Great Falls National Historic Park

Asked about the Administration’s progress in achieving the 100-day benchmarks one city hall official who asked not to be named said “we are making significant progress while continuing to learn every day,” adding that “we are optimistic about the future and the positive change coming to our city.”