The following was submitted by Mr. Kenneth Simmons, a candidate for Paterson Board of Education.


It is my sincere belief, that under strong policy guidance and leadership from the Board and a newly appointed Superintendent, district change needs to be undertaken with a laser-like focus on students and their needs.

By the end of 2018, and after comprehensively engaging stakeholders, a Strategic Framework should be created that set the strategic trajectory for Paterson Public School District successes through 2023. This framework should be built on a singular goal – Student Achievement and a new foundation for decision making should emerge based upon four strong pillars of work.

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These pillars should include Education; School/District Leadership; Student, Parent, and Community Engagement; and Financial Efficiency/Stability. This work will be vital to the organization’s success because it established a common language across all facets of the District, underscoring the belief that students always come first.

Over the next five years, even in the face of extreme economic challenges, PPS should not only reset the course but should emerge as a national leader on a number of fronts.

Together, the Board, the administration and the full PPS community can achieve many great accomplishments; however, the landscape will not become any less complicated.

State accountability systems are evolving, business industry needs are shifting and the competitive tenor of public education necessitates a focus not only on quality instruction, but on effective marketing strategies.

The development of a strategic Blueprint for PPS must provide an opportunity to consider the District’s successes, lessons learned and areas for continued growth. It should also provide us with a unique opportunity to establish a Blueprint that will position the District towards its continued evolution into a world class education system.

All candidates are invited to submit their own statement to TAPinto Paterson. No statements will be accepted after Sunday, November 5.