Dear Editor:

While I am overjoyed to read about the possibility of the Paterson District regaining local control after nearly 22 years; I'm still a bit apprehensive about the idea of having a "private" meeting.

I would think that a meeting that bears this much importance would be a public one. The parents need to know first hand about any decisions being made concerning the academic success of their children.

Furthermore, I believe it is only right for the board to have this meeting openly so that no misunderstandings concerning what took place can arise. Plainly put, there should be nothing to hide.

I don't see a reason for secrecy at this juncture. Everyone is fully aware of the conditions the district is currently facing and I believe everyone is equally concerned as well.

In conclusion, it is my personal opinion that the scheduled meeting between the state of NJ and the Paterson School district should be held in public and be televised.

Thank You

Corey L. Teague