NEW YORK, NY - Montclair State University Assistant Professor of English Jeffrey Miller has discovered the oldest draft of the King James Bible, MSNBC is reporting. 

During a broadcast, which aired on Sunday, Miller shares his insight with news anchor Alex Witt about the discovery of what is believed to be the oldest known draft of the King James Bible. 

Miller says that he was asked to write an essay on Samuel Ward, a man who is believed to have translated the King James Version of the Bible. Miller told Witt that he happened upon the draft while doing research for his essay at Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge. Founded in 1596, Sidney Sussex is a constituent college of the University of Cambridge in England.

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Witt was fascinated at how this discovery could have gone unnoticed for more than four centuries. Miller modestly responded saying, "There are new discoveries to be made all the time." He added that it had been miscatalogued as a commentary of the Bible and implied that people may not have realized what it was because of this.

A copy of the broadcast can be found here.