I am happy to report that Municipal Utility Authority (MUA) Chairman Erik Lowe and I have come together in a  collaborate effort to put pen to paper on a defined mission statement that includes objectives and scope of the organization. Disagreement does not negate the pursuit of agreement. In the past we have bumped heads a little and that's ok. We are now in track for success.  I disagree with a few people but I have not closed any doors to reconciliation. Policy, process and procedure is the cornerstone of success in any organization be it public or private. The lack of these items or discipline are ingredients to the recipe of failure. 

Mr. Lowe and I although still in draft form agree this is definitely a step in the right direction and erases any ambiguity in the purpose of the Utility. As defined the Utility aside from the maintenance of the hydro plant will facilitate and host events and activities associated to tourism, entertainment, recreation and educational experiences in and about the newly dedicated National treasure of the Historic Great Falls of Paterson.  

I hope he and I can build on this success I offer additional assistance to help develop another process regarding the solicitation, review, selection and disbursement of the needed help to qualified not for profits working for the betterment of our city. It has been identified and agreed that a better method is need to clean this up and give everyone interested as qualified an opportunity to compete for said budgeted funds... I look forward to a long and meaningful relationship with Mr. Lowe and his Board of Commissioners.   Let's Save Paterson!
David B. Gilmore, President 
Let's Save Paterson