TRENTON, NJ - New Jersey Muslim leaders met with high-ranking state law enforcement officials on Saturday, but were unable to convince the Attorney General's Office to launch an investigation into the New York Police Department’s surveillance of the religious community, according to a story on

Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa would not investigate the situation until he had more information about the legal authority the state has over the New York police in New Jersey, the story said.

Sign Up for E-News quoted Aref Assaf, president of American Arab Forum in Paterson as saying, "We had asked clearly to move from gathering information process to an actual investigation and to designate their work as such."

The Masjid Omar Mosque on Getty Avenue was one of the mosques in the New Jersey that was under surveillance, according to a report by the New York police.

New York officers videotaped and photographed worshipers at Masjid Omar Mosque and also recorded license plate numbers of people who attended Friday prayers there, the report said.