What a great weekend with the family in Washington, D.C. at Inauguration weekend for our 44th President Barack H. Obama. The weekend was filled with continued HOPE for our country. The campaign slogan of FORWARD is appropriate for the direction of the President's second term. I look forward to being in the conversation about Health Care reform, gun safety reform, improved educational systems, economic growth, immigration law reform, climate change research and most of all UNITY!

My 13 year old son, Jared, registered utter awe on his face throughout the Inauguration weekend events! He confirmed my belief in HOPE for our country and world. His expression was one of joy. He didn't need to make a statement. He was a young man with a vision of moving FORWARD in life and choosing HOPE over despair - all because of what he heard, who he met, and what he saw! He, like many youth like him, realizes there's a bright future with great possibilities awaiting him as he moves FORWARD! Equality for all, prosperity for all!

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Thank you Mr. President!


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Benjie E. Wimberly
35th District Assemblyman