Dear Editor,

I am appalled to see what's happening to our second ward in Paterson.  The court has vacated the councilman's seat and now some members in the City Council are attempting to appoint Aslon Goow back on the seat until a special election is held.  If this happens, it will truly go against the will of the people. 

Mr. Goow only received 600 votes out of the 2,800 votes casted in May of this year. We should not appoint anyone until the people have an opportunity to cast their vote in a Special Election.  I urge the City Council and the City of Paterson to prepare for an election as soon as possible.  It would be a disservice to the process of democracy if we push this election until next May or November of 2013.  We need to have a vote this coming general election in November of this year.

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A citizen of 2nd Ward,

Nozrul Ali