I am a member of the Paterson Education Association and work for the third largest school district in the state of New Jersey for the past twelve years.

One of our NJEA representatives is Sasha Wolfe. On June 19, 2014 at the general meeting held at JFK High School in Paterson, I asked if he could provide a monetary amount that NJEA had paid its Legal Eagles and Top Negotiators in assisting the PEA to reach a fair, equitable and acceptable agreement for all its members with the objective to settle the contracts. Mr. Wolfe was not able to answer this question because he did not know.

The purpose of this email is to formally request an itemized financial statement of how much money did the NJEA spend to advise the PEA in the contractual negotiations.
The proposals are unjust and discriminatory to those of us with a Bachelor's Degree or Bachelor's Degree plus 30 credits. The NJEA is always ready, willing and able to collect dues every year.

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At this time, for all the dues that I and all the teachers have paid, one would expect an immediate and accurate financial statement for the legal fees spent to aid and support the Paterson Educational Association with the contractual negotiations.

Helida DiGiacomo
Paterson School #19