PATERSON, NJ- A quick response to a second Easter Sunday shooting showed, Public Safety Director Jerry Speziale said, that members of the Paterson Police Department are “endowed with the skills required to handle such difficult situations.”
In a statement release late Sunday, Speziale announced that local law enforcement officials were notified of a shooting by the City’s Shotspotter Gunshot Detection System in the area of 23-25 Southard Street at approximately 9:15 p.m.
This incident took place about 12 hours after a man, identified as Adonis Reyes, allegedly fired one shot at a bodega near 461 Market Street.
The report continued that units were immediately dispatched to the scene and  Officers Bashir and Dabal quickly identified Luis A. Ortiz, 30, as the suspect.
Ortiz fled the scene armed with a 9 mm semi-automatic handgun and Bashir and Dabal gave chase. During the chase Ortiz discarded the firearm before ultimately being apprehend near 21-25 Martin Street. 
The weapon was recovered, and, despite his attempt to overpower the officers, Ortiz was placed under arrest. 
Charged with possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose, discharging a firearm, and resisting arrest, the suspect was transported to St. Joseph’s Medical Center for what was described as minor medical treatment. 
“Our Police Department is proving that crime doesn’t pay in Paterson,” Mayor Andre Sayegh said after the incident.