PATERSON, NJ - Earlier this year, the business at 60 Church Street applied for a renewal of its billiards license.

There was just one problem. A three-month police investigation had determined that no one was playing pool at the location. Instead, city record documents say 60 Church Street was in another business - cocaine sales.

On March 23, four alleged dealers and six buyers were arrested in connection with the business, the documents say. Authorities say they confiscated 537 grams - or more than half a kilo - of powder cocaine and more than 48 grams of crack.

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"If the owner was not directly involved in this activity he had to be at least aware of it,'' wrote Det. Sgt. Thomas Trommelen in a report to the city council regarding the business's application for a billiards license.

The city council had the application on its agenda several times in the past two months. Finally, officials said last week, the application had been withdrawn.

The owner, Augusto Trigo, had gone to Peru, according to Trommelen's report.