Dear Editor:

I don't support the voucher legislation at all. I just can't. I tried to look at both sides of this. In my opinion, it seems like there is something wrong with it on many different levels. 

There wouldn't be any failing schools if the teachers, parents and school administrators worked collectively to see that each child in each class in each school had the tools they needed to succeed academically. 

The key thing here is working together DAILY. Not pointing fingers, but sitting down to the table, putting aside our differences and coming up with real solutions to the problems we face as a district.

I submit that the Paterson School District will become academically successful. I know it can be done, the parents must believe it can be done.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the children and by doing so, change the course of history in the Paterson Schools.

Thank You

-Corey L. Teague