PATERSON, NJ- Paterson residents can do their part to help keep the city clean simply by following the guidelines contained in the Municipal Code related to the proper way to prepare trash and other household waste for pickup. This, according to 5th Ward Councilman, and Chairman of the body’s Public Works Committee, Luis Velez.

According to the Ordinance, “all garbage, refuse or rubbish, waste, empty boxes, containers, cartons, or papers” that residents intend to have picked up should be place “curbside.” This is an important distinction, Velez told TAPinto Paterson, from placing it in the street and potentially causing a hazard for passing vehicles.

All waste must also be placed in “suitable” receptacles, with most items being further placed in sealed plastic bags. Containers placed curbside must not weigh more than 70 pounds and must be covered in such a way as to “prevent scattering of contents by the wind and to prevent the breeding of flies and other insects.”

“Making our city greener truly is one area where if we all work together we can make a huge impact,” said Velez. “Just a few practical changes to how we dispose of our garbage  and waste can make a huge impact.”