To the Paterson Community:

The Union happened to stumble upon an article from Rhode Island Monthly which discusses Donnie Evans.

It has come to the Paterson Education Association's (P.E.A.) attention that while Superintendent in Providence Rhode Island, Donnie Evans pledged to renovate and upgrade the infrastructure of the schools.  In fact, while in Rhode Island, Donnie was quoted in the above article as saying, "We will be a national leader in educating urban youth, and we will be doing things that put us in a leadership role, including first-class buildings.  In some cases, our buildings remind me of prisons or asylums."

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Here in Paterson, Donnie Evans chose to spend almost $365,000 for a face lift for his office (which is a triple net lease) rather than improve our crumbling learning environments that staff work in day in and day out to service the needs of ALL of our students.

The Union takes offense to ANY educational leader who would characterize the facilities in an urban school district resembling a "Prison or asylum."  Furthermore, if Donnie Evans felt that the schools needed upgrading, why has he done so little to upgrade the facilities here in Paterson?  Why has he not attended one single joint-work-site safety meeting between the P.E.A. and the District?  

Donnie's time is dwindling here in Paterson.  However, please know that the P.E.A. will continue to work for improved learning environments for our students and staff.  We will fight for you with everything that we have!

President John McEntee, Jr.
Paterson Education Association