PATERSON, N.J.- John McEntee Jr., president of the Paterson Education Association (PEA), called for the removal of state appointed superintendent Donald Evans.

Wednesday and other New Jersey media outlets ran stories based on Evans testimony to the state board, saying that Paterson was a "high performing" district, and that "graduation rates continue to grow". Critics of these statements took to social media to quickly point out that less than a quarter of the students in the district passed the math and English portions of the state PARCC examinations. 

McEntee also chimed in on the PEA facebook page with a video talking about the issues that Evans failed to address. "He failed to talk about things like missing school supplies, not having a nurse in every school, not having security in every school" said McEntee.

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Another subject on the agenda was the changing of requirements and certifications, for the teachers applying to work at a charter school. Independent education researchers put together a report about the impacts of charter schools on the public school system. One of the study's authors, Preston C. Green III told the Washington Post "At the same time, private investors are lobbying states to change their rules to encourage charter school growth. The result is what we describe as a policy 'bubble,' where the combination of multiple authorizers and a lack of oversight can end up creating an abundance of poor-performing schools in particular communities."

The state board will continue to discuss the relaxing of the requirements to become a teacher. McEntee argued that as a parent "we do not want to see the charter schools diminish what it takes to become a teacher. As a parent I would not want a teacher in front of a class with my son or daughter, who didn't have the proper certifications".