PATERSON, NJ — Once again, Paterson Public Schools excelled at the Regional National History Day (NHD) competition which was held on March 17th at Seton Hall University.  Now 10 projects from five district schools will be moving on to the State competition to be held on May 5th at William Paterson University in Wayne.
This year’s NHD theme Conflict and Compromise in History reflected an emphasis on diplomacy, college-level research skills, and interdisciplinary learning — a challenge for which the research skills of Paterson’s inquisitive and competition-minded Social Studies students were well suited.
Mr. Matthew Caruso, Social Studies teacher from International High School, noted, “The National History Day competition is an unforgettable experience for our students, and it is amazing to watch them research and present projects they are so passionate about!”
The 2018 regional winners have their sights set on the State and National competitions with captivating projects/exhibits that range from the Salem witch trials to the search for peace between Palestine and Israel.   As an example of their collective tenacity and commitment, the International High School students researched and sought primary sources for their project which included interviewing survivors of the Iran Hostage Crisis and contacting former President Jimmy Carter for his take on the crisis that defined his presidency.
“Preparing for these National History Day events requires tremendous time and dedication on the part of our students – from extensive research to the use of critical thinking skills,” stated Acting State District Superintendent Eileen Shafer. “I am extremely proud of these students and wish them the very best in the next round of competition.  They have already shown that they are among the best and brightest of their generation; and through the skills cultivated by competing in this event, they are better prepared for success in college and career.”
Following the NHD State Competition on May 5th at William Paterson University in Wayne, the qualifying students will move on to the Nationals at the University of Maryland, College Park, June 10th through June 14th.  For more information, visit
Full list of Paterson Public Schools Regional Winners:
Individual Exhibit
“The Berlin Candy Bomber: Healing Conflict One Parachute at a Time”
Student:    Eliana Morales, grade 11, ES GOPA
Teacher:   Michelle Hamlett
Individual Exhibit
"First Do No Harm" The Ethical Compromises of Dr. John Cutler
Student:     Sienna Rojas, grade 11, ES CAHTS
Teacher:    Michelle Hamlett
Group Exhibit
“Salem Witch Trials”

Students:  Anika Anderson, Ashanee Jackson, Athziri Castellanos, Keila Gonzalez - 10th grade, ES CAHTS
Teacher:   Maria Elena Gonzalez
Group Exhibit
“The Quest for Exoneration: The Conflict of the Meeropols”
Students:   Rashel Penson, Kayla Santiago, Xavier Vidals - 11th grade, ES GOPA & ES CAHTS
Teachers:  Michelle Hamlett, Rafal Krauze
Senior Individual Exhibit (9-12)
“The Treaty of Rome 1957: Europe Learns to Compromise”
Student: Katherine Cassarrubias  - 10th grade, JFK STEM
Senior Group Exhibit
“Dryden & Blagonravov: Cooperation in the Midst of Conflict”
Students: Maliah Yeasmin (11th), Shubon Husan (10th) and Nafisa Yeasmin (9th) – JFK STEM
Senior Group Documentary
“The Iranian Hostage Crisis: A Test of Humanity and Diplomacy”
Students: Fabeha Chowdhury (10th), Maria Chowdhury (11th), Nishat Hossain (10th), Emily Cruz (10th), and Rezyona Uddin (10th) – International High School
Junior Group Documentary
“The Paterson Silk Workers’ Strike of 1913: Labor Strife in America”
Students: Abbas Helal and Rafael Rodriguez – grade 7, School 28/PAGT
Junior Individual Exhibit Board
“The Search for Peace between Palestine and Israel”
Student: Tasneem Abdulazee, grade 8, School 28/PAGT
Junior Group Exhibit Board
“The Harlem Hellfighters: The Fight for the Right to Fight”
Students: Angela Alvarez and Isabela Gonzalez, grade 8 School 28/PAGT