Dear Editor,
According to PatersonPress.Com (2/1/13) the Paterson School District is wasting one million dollars in salaries
and benefits. The state-appointed superintendnet, Donnie Evans has created a  "Rubber Room" where these Principals on Assignment get paid principal salaries, yet according to Paula Santana , one of the Principals have  "no work to do."
Once again, Mr. Evans has fumbled the ball and wasted educational dollars that should be used for Paterson children. If Mr. Evans and his Assistant Superintendents believe these administrators are not competent  to be building principals they should evaluate them and initiate termination procedures. To have them sit in a "Rubber Room" is a waste of their time and taxpayer money. Money that should be for teachers, libraries, and textbooks for our students.

Mr. Evans is once again dragging his feet and failing to take action. Once upon a time, the superintendent said he would "RE-TRAIN" these principals.That was over a year ago, and still there is no plan in place for re-training. Besides, who is going to re-train them. The majority of the Assistant Superintendents, central office Directors, and
Deputy Superintendent never spent a day of their working lives as Buuilding Principals.
Where is the Board of Education?  Why aren't the School Board members contacting the Department of Education,  and protecting our children from this foolish administration? Truly, a very expensive case of the blind leading the blind. And the children continue to educationally suffer.
William A. Connolly