Dear Business Administrator,

I read with keen interest the article in Paterson Press regarding your attempts to retain the overtime payments made to several salaried administration officials, including yourself, since July 2010.  

I'm not an attorney but my understanding of the Fair Labor Standards Act is unless you and your colleagues have a contract which states that overtime can be paid, you are simply not entitled to it (and never were).   You and the other officials don't have a contract, you all serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.   I might add that none of you are  entitled to overtime under any FEMA regulations either (FEMA reg 9525.7).   

  • Please advise on how much taxpayer money has been spent by having our legal department research this matter.
  • Kindly advise as to how many attorneys have been used and provide a breakdown of their hours and the total cost to the taxpayer. 
  • Has any outside Counsel been retained for this purpose?  If so, please advise on total hours and cost.

Also, please explain to me why, with a budget 9 months late and a deficit of some $2Million, you see fit to take up valuable city time on this matter when taxpayers are once again being asked to pay above the 2% cap, when we desperately need Police officers on the street, (especially in the 4th Ward) but cannot do anything about it until we have a balanced budget.

If you are successful in finding a way to keep this money, it makes me wonder if the city will extend the same largess towards its residents who are struggling to pay the crippling property taxes imposed on them last year.  

This whole matter is becoming more and more sordid and I have to say I find your unwillingness to take responsibility for this matter and to use City resources to evade the inevitable to be a disgrace. Its bringing your office into disrepute.  


Michael Symonds