Dear Mayor and Council Members

I do not understand why, some 4 months into the current fiscal year, the city administration says it will hold budget meetings with its departments starting September 18th.  This process should have been started in April of 2012 in order to prepare a budget for introduction on July 1st, the first day of the fiscal year.  

I support Councilman Sayegh's call for a budget to be presented in September. However, I also sympathize with the plight of the already demoralized employees of the city and completely understand if Andre or other Council members vote for the temporary appropriation to cover their salaries.  Our employees should not be used as pawns in this game of budget cat and mouse. They should be paid.

I would in fact suggest the council makes a resolution ONLY approving the $4 Million for payment of the salaries of all staffers and not a penny more for any other purpose.  I think the resolution should also include verbiage and instructions, excluding the salaries of  the Mayor, Dept Heads (acting or otherwise)  and Council members  from this appropriation for September and any future appropriations every month from then on until a budget is presented and adopted as a gesture of solidarity and understanding for the plight of those employed by the city.

Kind regards,

Michael Symonds