Dear Editor:

I often write about the issues we face as a community. In this particular letter I want to talk about an incident that took place at a recent school board workshop that warmed the hearts of those there.

I think it’s worthy to share so that others may be able to read about this particular incident and spread the love.

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A parent attended our recent board workshop on Wednesday. She brought her 7-year-old son who mirrors my CJ.

Just like my son, her son was so full of life and energy. I watched as she tried to hold him throughout the meeting. 

As she approached the microphone to make her comments I left my seat at the dais, went over to him and worked with him the same way I work with CJ.

I demonstrated different techniques and holds that are effective with CJ. Moments like these are what I live for and why I serve.

I have said many occasions, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

As leaders, it is important for us to understand that although understanding procedures and policies is important learning to be caring kind and compassionate is equally important.

Our children, and their success, are the reasons why I am here, there are no other reasons. So as we continue on to finish up the second half of our school year and prepare to go into September as a local control board does let's continue to remember that compassion is paramount to the work that we do.

This is just not for school board members this is also for city leaders, county leaders, state legislators, and even federal officials. It is not how we stand with the great that makes us who we are but this is how we walk among those in the village that defines our purpose for being elected public servants. 


Corey L. Teague