LiveEsq is an organization that has developed a Free Platform designed to improve the way police and citizens interact by injecting an Attorney through video into any encounter with police, from traffic stops to stop and frisks such as in Chicago. Our Network of Attorneys have decided to dedicate their time by assisting those who otherwise may not have access to justice. As a Nationwide Organization we believe that the Police are an invaluable asset to society that is comprised of many truly devoted and altruistic individuals, while we also acknowledge that throughout the years, there has been an ever increasing tension between communities and those who serve them.


Thin Blue Line

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We appreciate the desire to devote any effort to support police, and as an organization we do support our Police, from the small town streets of Little Falls NJ to the crowded cities of Chicago. Our Question Is this. Can perception be enforced?

Our potential mayoral candidate has had a long history of success and we again, support his efforts to improving the perception of our law enforcement community, but the question we have, is this the right way? If there is a need to improve the way police are viewed by those they serve, then is unilaterally implementing a desired conclusion in the form of visual cues the right methodology to achieving that goal?

We at LiveEsq believe that Overall police are good. We also believe that there are issues in the way the laws are applied by some in uniform. A Perception is enforced by both objective and subjective observation, the issue Is that IF there are some in our Great Community that believe they have been wronged or just have an overall sour taste when it comes to how they view police, then would the effort of implementing the blue line improve perception or create an internal dissent?

At LiveEsq we know the solution is implemented on the ground (not literally), and it takes both citizens and communities to come together to achieve overall goals and reforms. This letter is not condemnation of the “thin “blue line, rather it is an attempt to understand how a few individuals that have the right intention, can implement an overall community position without total community agreement via polling or town halls. Also what is the goal? What is to be achieved? Is this the best use of resources irrespective of where it came from? Also now that we are acknowledging at a minimum the overall perception of our country, what is the next step? Body Cameras? This article is intended to provoke thought, If we have questions how do we get answers, and even asking this question we are weary of the fact it will be answered by those who had no opportunity to help determine the implementation of the Blue Line.

We in Passaic County, overall, we are lucky, our police aren’t Militarized and overall rates of complaints are less than national average, but we have to factor into our decision making as a society the issues throughout the united states and while we are lucky to have great community officers, our goal shouldn’t be to brand our streets with our desired perception, instead we should work on improving our model and becoming an example for the Nation. It’s similar to the Iraq war, When Bush in 2003 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln off the California coast stated, “VICTORY” and we all know the war was and still is far from over. Is this Passaic Counties Victory Moment? In summation, we respect the police, we respect the community, and moreover we view the police and community as one, when we improve relations we improve everyone’s overall ability to capitalize on the opportunities this Country has to offer. Now Let’s Work Together to Create True Organic Community driven Change.


Andro Samuel| CEO|