All I can tell you is that it's not over yet. In a week or two, OPRA Aslon Goow's name at the municipal court, and OPRA the Ethics Board of New Jersey. Then in a few weeks contact the AG's office and finally we are now acting on all the notice of intent to sue I have filed with the city of Paterson.

I have been depending on an incompetent system to prosecute people who put these very prosecutors and judges in their positions. I doubt that this would have gone anywhere seeing the corruption and connections that go on here. I've published that before. They helped him once they will do it again. I have photos of cops covering for Goow. I have evidence of a judge covering for him and I have evidence of his connection in the Prosecutor's office.

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Ever wonder how his ticket got dismissed, in the lawsuit he currently has with the city? A judge did not dismiss it, the high levels of the Prosecutors office pulled it and did it for him, without a trial with the objection of the city.

My attorney has always stated the best way to go is a civil suit against the city of Paterson for all the crimes they committed against me as the media. It would be out of his reach and in Federal court.

We suspected with the connections that Goow and others have in high levels of the Democratic Party this case was going nowhere. But you have to look at the big picture. It's no longer just about Goow. It's now about a system that has different favorable rules for official that for common citizens as you and I. 

The good things is when people report these corruption stories to us, the media, we sometime don't pay it any attention, but when this kind of incompetence and corruption is unfolding before your very eyes, now you personally know.

The only thing I could tell you is as long as I own the NJ Pulse and the Sirrano show, this will not go away. The crimes this man has committed and walked away with should always be a reminded to folks when they go out to vote and the corruption that exist.

He threatened to smash a camera over my f---ing head and Shove it down my f---ing throat in front of three sheriff offices. They said it was just words and dismissed it for him. Anyone else would be in jail for those kinds of threats. So we suspected the Democratic Party would have used their control to get him off. He threatened a detective on camera and the prosecutor’s office knows about it. What did they do? Nothing.

But tell Mr. Goow he should not be so quick to run to you and boast, as I told him on Facebook, elections and judgments will be decided by Jesus Christ, not him.

So that's the new cause I have taken up, to examine and expose the kind of favors and corruption that goes on in the courts and prosecutors office. You can see that on the Sirrano Show at in about 10 days. 

The AG's office and the Governor have Goow’s complaints in their hands.  I have a few more criminal charges to file against him and we'll have the AG watch and see if that too will be dismisses, while they review that current case in Morris County.

Remember, they said the case is dismissed because they had little evidence. Any evidence that they did not get to prove their case to a grand jury which they did not ask me for and is new could reopen the case. So Goow should not think it's over yet.

As a Christian these officials Goow, Sayegh, Tavarez, Hodges who you support all did everything in their power to shut me down and they failed. They even attacked me and my faith as president of the Christian Heritage U.S. They failed because they do evil and all I do is tell them to stop and tell the public if they don't, then the attack my media and me.

And good will come from their evil. There are 4 notices of claims and three others in the statute of limitations we are adding, I think when a jury sees what they did to me for five years, harassing, intimidating, filing false charges. Making physical threats, dumping my paper in the trash, telling me to go back to where I came from in a public meeting and others I'll like to keep confidential for now. Violating my civil rights on free speech and the media, I think a federal jury will do the right thing and I guarantee you it will be close to bankrupting this city for their actions.

So, I'm not worried about the criminal cases being dismissed, It's more of me observing what the system is like here and protect the public. My personal gain is in the civil lawsuit.

Goow is a coward. Why because he had a camera set up in the cambers recording me, and filed criminal charges that I showed him the finger and said I was going to f--- him but when I waited in court for him to show up with my attorneys to ask him why was he recording and harassing me when he should have been listening to the agenda items, the coward did not show up and it was dismissed, but we'll get him to show up in the civil sue and answer for his actions as an elected official representing the city of Paterson.

Just remember, all these criminal charges has a civil mirror to it or a civil connection to it. So tell Mr. Goow not so fast. And although the city will have to pay the larger amount in damages, no doubt Goow and others will also have to pay out of their pockets, as then mayor Joey Torres when he was sued.

Do what you want with this for Goow. You have tried to discredit me in the past for him, but it was of no effect. I am who I am, I look for the truth and don't intend to back down on Goow or the prosecutor or any corrupt judge or others in the system. I plan to keep fighting back for the people who are lied to and manipulated by these cronies. The law is not equal, it should be equal.

I am a Christian with strong faith and I believe this kind of evil will not go unpunished even if I have to believe it will happen after they die, you just don't walk away from hurting other people like this. There are temporary kings but Jesus is the only King (turning to my faith) and no man will be king forever, as elected officials, as a prosecutor or as a judge. They will go and I will still be here bearing witness for that their deed and decision were not fair or in the truth.

I will continue to expose Goow and the others official and the people responsible to prosecute them and with God's help they will all face and answer for what is just and proper.

Sirrano Keith Baldeo

The author of this letter is the publisher of the New Jersey Pulse.