I went to see my cousin in the hospital over the weekend and could not believe her physical condition.  A week later and she is still with deep, heavy black and blue and purple from her forehead to her chest.  It is just so hard to see anyone, especially someone 74 years old in this condition.  She has her full wits and mind about her and she has the memory of nobody I've ever known.  I have grown children with children of their own and she remembers all my siblings, relatives, that another family member and I share the same birthdays, that her birthday and my brother's birthday are the same, when she last saw somebody to the exact date.  Her mind and memory were just amazing. 
There was someone from one of the shops that she use to pass by that brought her a dozen red roses and went to visit her in the hospital and that made her so happy and made her feel so good that someone that she didn't know personally, but did know as an aquaintance of the block she traveled, actually went out of their way to bring her flowers and see how she was. 
I don't know as words cannot describe the way I felt when I saw her.  I don't know how someone of her age went through what she did and survived.  She had to have facial surgery done to repair bones that were broke in her face during the attack.  We didn't speak of the attack at all she only referenced to "before that man did what he did to me".  I felt so helpless. 
If you could, I would like to let the people know that came to her rescue how much, again, words cannot even begin to express the thankfulness and appreciation I have for them.  If it wasn't for those people pulling the man off of her I am sure she would not be alive.  Besides the unhumane act that he did to her and then beating her the way he did, she would not have survived much more.  If it wasn't for those people, with no relation to her, except being fellow human beings and people with obviously a care for other people, coming to her aid, she would not be here today.  The majority of the time something like this happens, people turn their heads or look the other way or offer no assistance because they are afraid or do not want to get involved.  These people that came to her aid are very special and my thanks go out to them in a way I could not even begin to describe.  I am so happy they acted the way they did because if they hadn't, instead of going to the hospital to visit her, I would have been going to her funeral.

I will be forever thankful to them.
I am also thankful to you and the investigator that was on this case and can only hope that justice is done and the person responsible for this horrific act is stopped from ever hurting anyone like this again.  At a time when you think nobody in this world cares about another human being, something like this happens and people come to someone's aide, even a stranger's aide and you get back the hope that someday this world will change and people will be able to come together help each other if for no other reason than just because they care and do still have a heart inside.
[Editor's note: PatersonPress.com normally does not publish letters without the full name of the author included. But we've made an exception in this case to protect the identity of the victim, who was raped and brutally beaten near Cianci Park earlier this month.]