PATERSON, NJ- Under a reorganization that will place responsibility for the mayor’s security detail into the office of Police Director Jerry Speziale, two additional patrol officers will be available for the regular police force.

Traditionally, according to a statement issued on Monday, Paterson mayors have had up to three senior patrol officers assigned to them for protection.

Making public safety a cornerstone of his campaign, Mayor Andre Sayegh spoke often of his plans to increase the ranks of the Paterson Police Department, and spent part of his inaugural address on Sunday announcing that 24 new patrol officers had started earlier that day. Sayegh also said another class of recruits would enter the academy later this month.

“I want to thank Police Director Jerry Speziale for his demonstration of commitment to making Paterson streets safer,” Sayegh said. “By taking this extra responsibility, Director Speziale and his team have shown that they believe, as I do, that a stronger Paterson starts with a safer Paterson.”