Dear Council members,

I am pleased to read that you finally dealt with the budget and the $200k in Police overtime. Councilman Morris, as you know I am with you regarding the latter issue. I just hope the paperwork the union submitted passes muster. Lets keep a weather eye on this in future.

A 3% budget increase represents something of an achievement. But its 9 months late and you had to rob the UEZ fund to do it.  You can and should do better.

Now its time to IMMEDIATELY get to work on next year's budget.  I suggest the establishment of a committee of constituents to review the current budget after its adopted and recommend changes for 2013.  Your target should be a 10% tax reduction for FY2013. This is doable.  

Lets get the disciplinary hearings on track.  There's money to be saved there.  I also hope you show some semblance of honour and take care of Brian Sweeney. 

Lets get the ordinances to prevent future OTSCAMs in place now. 

Lets get proper financial controls in place to safeguard the public purse.  

Economic Development:  This has to be a TOP PRIORITY. Why have you not invited Mr Sweeney to the Economic Development Committee meetings? Makes no sense to me. How can you know whats going on?  

The M.U.A.. Why do we need this?  Let's abolish it and set up a Council Committee to oversee the plant and distribute revenues.  Time to stop this little jobs mill.

You need to crack into all of this as hard as possible. no excuses, no dithering.

Overall job barely and passably well done, yet no congratulations are in order here at all.   In the absence of leadership coming from the 2nd floor you are the de facto governors of this city and its up to you to continue the work of regaining the public's trust, reverse the tax increases of 2011 and get more Police on the streets.


Michael Symonds