Thank goodness concerned Paterson voters like me and my family living in the Second Ward have a real professional choice to vote for on May 8th. I am voting for Dr. Joe Atallo for City Counsel. With his educational background and experience as a Paterson school board commissioner, Dr, Atallo will apply his knowledge to fight waste, fraud and abuse and work to lower our property taxes.
No other candidate knows public finance like Dr. Atallo. He will protect Paterson taxpayers interests. Joe Atallo is a law and order candidate who will fight crime. Dr. Atallo has introduced a real plan to re-instate the 125 laid-off Paterson police officers to take the streets back from criminals who prey on Paterson residents. This solid plan will utilize attrition and federal grants that will  "not cost"  Paterson taxpayers any additional money. When Dr. Atallo is elected, Paterson  will be a much safer city.
Finally, I do not support Goow t who is a political bully. Goow's frivilous lawsuit against the city  has already cost Paterson taxpayers nearly $250,000 !!! Paterson needs a knowledgeable professional like Dr. Joe Atallo to deal with the budget crisis and keep the people of Paterson safe.
It is time for change.  Vote for Dr. Joe Atallo on May 8th!.  
Ricardo Garcia