PATERSON, NJ - City police are investigating four apparently unrelated robberies that happened over a 28-hour period stretching from Monday into Wednesday.

In the first incident, a 29-year-old man told police he was robbed at gunpoint by two men wearing hoodies who approached him on Knickerbocker Avenue in the 6th Ward at 9:30 pm. One suspect put a knife to his neck while the other went through his pockets, said Lt. Richard Reyes.

In the second case, a 73-year-old man told authorities he was punched in the back of the head, knocked to the ground and robbed by a man in his 20s while he was walking near 29 Ellison Street in the 1st Ward at about 9:46 pm on Monday.

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Then, at 7 pm on Tuesday, a 68-year-old man said he was robbed at gunpoint after parking his car in his space at 39 E. 39th Street, a condominium complex in the 3rd Ward, according to police. The victim said the man was sitting in a parked car and approached him after he parked.

In the fourth incident, a 53-year-old man told police he was walking near 500 E. 23rd Street in the 6th Ward when three men with handguns tried to rob him. They struck him, but the victim fought back and the suspects fled without getting anything when neighbors began yelling from homes in the area.