Letter to the Editor

The reason I am writing to you is because I do not like lies.  As I sit and read the blogs, Facebook, newspapers, see the TV commercials, hear the negative radio sound bites and receive the negative literature at home I cannot take it anymore….. WE SHOULD TALK WITH FACTS……

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Congressman Bill Pascrell has many years of service in our community. His track record is a proven one.  He cares for us all. He is the one that brings the funding back home to the policemen and firemen and when in Washington DC his first priority has always been Paterson. His office and its employees have served the Latino community and many other communities regardless of country or race.

To share just a few facts, Did you know that 95% of the people who go to Congressman Pascrell’s office are for immigration and other services, and of those who go the majority are our Dominican brothers and sisters? But certain individuals, because they have not achieved their objectives, blame the Congressman for their defeat in the past municipal elections and say he is the enemy of the Latino community. People need to learn how to lose; they have NO right to lie and make up stories.

Congressman Bill Pascrell did NOT work for any municipal campaign because he's running his own. Now I wonder how these specific individuals wanted the support of Congressman Pascrell when they were supporting his opponent? Perhaps for that same reason is that these supposed leaders, lie to our community and have dedicated themselves to slandering him... because they lost.

My dear Patersonians and 9th district we are aware, do not let people with personal agendas tell you lies, our friend and Fighter has always been called Bill Pascrell. If you have questions or doubts call him at his office, visit him and you will hear and see the truth.

Congressman Pascrell has recently received the support of large unions, the largest newspaper in New Jersey Star Ledger and our beloved and respected President Clinton ...As quoted by President Clinton he is the right choice for the 9th district.  I truly believe our Congressman is getting all this support because he truly is the right choice for ALL.

I have always tried to do good for all. I have 18 years working with the community and have never turned my back on anyone. My record shows, there is not one person that comes to my office and leaves empty handed. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you need if I cannot assist I direct.

In closing may I say, please respect the decisions of others ... Say NO to those who divide our city, say YES to those who fight daily for the good of ourselves and our city ... say YES to Bill Pascrell on 5 June.

Maritza Davila

Proud but yet Concerned Patersonian