As we approach the birthday of one of the most iconic, consequential and relevant presidents in our nation's history, I am reminded of John F. Kennedy’s words that, “courage, not complacency is our need today. And the only valid test of leadership is the ability to lead and lead vigorously.”

Through the period the pandemic has hit our city, the nation, and the world, Mayor Andre Sayegh has shown outstanding leadership.

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For example, he took action in closing essential business and liquor stores immediately in an effort to combat and contain the virus. He has literally put himself in harm's way by exposing himself to this vicious virus. Even while the mayor was at home recovering from the virus, he was leading our great city by constantly giving updates about the medical emergency. He has consistently used robocalls to inform residents, created lawn signs thanking first responders and essential workers. He has been a steady hand while reassuring a grieving city that has been hit hard by this virus. 

The mayor has been on the frontlines with our police, firefighters and EMTs. He has been a mayor who has always been accessible. He has worked with the health department to bring a state of the art contact virus tracing system which is the envy of the nation. 

While in the middle of the worse public health crisis in a hundred years, have mistakes been made? Sure. There is plenty of blame to go around to federal, state and local officials. This has been a crisis of unprecedented magnitude.

In this time of crisis, the city of Paterson has been blessed to have a unifier in Mayor Sayegh. I'm proud of his leadership.