PATERSON, NJ- When Mayor-Elect Andre Sayegh is sworn in on July 1 he will immediately oversee more than 1,700 municipal employees, a number that swells to over 2,100 when temporary summer workers are added in.

On Monday, less than a week after Sayegh asked current Mayor Jane Williams-Warren to refrain from giving any raises or promotions that weren’t contractually obligated, he submitted a letter to her asking for information regarding “Paterson’s employee base.”

Specifically he asked for the following:

  • All individuals on the City of Paterson’s payroll
  • Annual salary amount as well as the total amount each employee received in calendar year 2017
  • The department or government agency each employee works in
  • Whether or not the employee is civil service employee
  • The date of hire of each employee

Sayegh further requested that the information be submitted in an Excel spreadsheet and provided by Friday, May 25.