PATERSON, NJ - Paterson Public Schools on Thursday launched a new and improved web site which is customer-centric, and reflects best practices in web design and navigation.

When you view the PPS site, you will notice many changes including the following:

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·         Better navigation – most places can be reached within two clicks through the use of drop-down menus

·         Helpful category headers to lead visitors to where they want to go

·         Easy-to-view listing of upcoming district events

·         User-friendly organization of district information including district reports and department contacts

·         Improved language translation capabilities from page to page

·         Displays properly on versions of Internet Explorer (7+), Firefox (3+), Chrome and Safari (Mac and Windows versions)

·         Visually appealing photos and graphics

·         Elimination of out-dated information, and properly archiving older reports/information

·         Enhanced “Contact Us” page

·         Ability to join the district’s e-mail list to receive District Hilites and other district announcements

·         Our new district logo which will now be used on all district communication materials (e.g. brochures, newsletters, promotional flyers).  The logo is available for use/download from the Communications Department web page.

Additionally, our web site is now consistent with the latest web standards, including ADA compliance standards, as well as specific State requirements such as the new HIB legislation.  NOTE:  A few department pages are still in development, and will be launched soon. 

In closing, we are committed to keeping our district’s web site up-to-date, informative, and helpful for all visitors who are interested in learning more about Paterson Public Schools.