Dear Editor:
 The word "NUTRITION" is almost non existent in the Paterson School District. If you look at the quality of the food served to children in suburban districts and in other counties throughout NJ you will see glaring differences. Our children deserve the best in Paterson. Inner city- urban districts should have access to fresh produce and hot cooked meals just as any other district. The parents need to come together and send letters to the state assembly demanding a better quality of food for the schools in this district. The time for just sitting quiet and doing nothing is over and done with. Our children need us as parents to speak up for them. They need us to defend their cause for justice. We need to take a stand now.
I am challenge every parent to go to their child's school and find out what they are being served for breakfast and lunch. Ask questions, and demand answers. We must stop the practice of just dropping off our children and then not worrying about them until we pick them back up. We need to get into the habit of getting involved. Stop waiting for an invitation. Your children need you, and you have a responsibility to protect them and to see that they are not being mistreated. This includes making sure that the food they are being served is such that it will provide them with the proper nutrients necessary to learn properly and succeed in life. That's what it's all about. Parents stand up for your children.
Corey Teague