Dear Editor/Paterson Press
While I was extremely disappointed watching the State-appointed Superintencent Donnie Evans make a fool of himself as he sat in silence during the legilative  hearings on the need for new school construction, it was even more embarrassing witnessing our own elected officials on the Paterson Board of Education failing to hold Mr. Evans accountable for his  impotent behavior.
Paterson needs an administrative leader who will advocate for Paterson  children. Paterson does not need a feckless  "Yes Man" who is more concerned with pleasing Trenton than helping Paterson children obtain the new and upgraded school facilities they have been falsely promised for far too long.
And why are our elected Board of Education members allowing such pernicious and unacceptable behavior from this  "Poor excuse"  of an  "Education Advocate"  for Paterson students. The people of Paterson are watching and listening to this foolish and cowardly  behavior.  It is time for the Paterson School Board to take action. If not,  other Paterson residents will run for the Board of Education. And they will fight for the children of Paterson and clear the cowards out.
William A. Connolly
[Editor's note: Connolly says he plans to run for school board this year.]