PATERSON, NJ- What do the sports of soccer and football have in common?  Nothing, until several months ago.  

Jordan Sirano has excelled at soccer virtually his entire life. Playing the game since he was young, the 28-year old has competed not only in the United States but around the world, including taking the pitch in Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, and other exotic sounding places. Sirano also coaches the youth soccer club, Unisambo FC, in Paterson.

Due to a chance meeting at Pennington Park between Jordan’s father Alfredo Siranno and coaches from the Silk City Sharks, Jordan heard that the mighty fish were in need of a kicker.

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“Only once have I tried on a set of football pads,” Jordan stated.  “That was only as a joke when I was in high school.  I’ve never played a moment of football.  I always wanted to learn how to kick field goals but, in high school, soccer and football were always during the same season.”

The former soccer world youth competitor made the decision to try out for the Sharks.  The results have been favorable, to say the least.  Not only is Jordan booting field goals, he is also practicing punts, kick offs, and even on-side kicks.  Some of his field goal attempts have sailed through the crossbars from 50-yards out.

“I’m really happy to be here,” Jordan commented at a recent practice.

“However, I’ve never attempted to kick a football while wearing pads. That, I still have to practice doing and getting used to.”  

At the recent Sharks Community Day several of the Unisambo players spoke confidently about their coach’s ability on the other kind of football field. Once he gets used to the shape of the ball, and the additional contact, they think he’ll be “pretty good.”

Despite his gridiron inexperience, Jordan has already developed a successful style to approach the pigskin when attempting field goals.  He has spent hours studying college and NFL kickers to educate himself concerning his new art.  

It will be up to the Sharks offensive line to prevent any 250 pound defensive giants from bursting through the line attempting to block kicks by the player who’s more to used to tackles that include stealing a soccer ball from an opposing player, not being on the business end of a player in full gear seeking to send him straight to the ground.

The potential for hits aren’t a big concern for Sharks’ Vice President Mike Harris who told TAPinto Paterson, “He’s a tough kid,” before recounting a recent practice where he was knocked to the ground by a larger player only to “bounce right up.”


The Sharks home schedule kicks off on July 28 at 7:00 p.m. against the New York Bears.