PATERSON, N.J. - Residents of the sixth ward along with their councilman Andre Sayegh and new Police Chief Troy Oswald, gathered at school 25 for a discussion on public safety and community policing.

Councilman Sayegh said that the discussion was successful because they were able to "collect a list of complaints and are able to address them immediately". The meeting also served as an introduction between the community and their newly appointed Police Chief.

On Wednesday there was also a special council meeting where mayor Jose "Joey" Torres unveiled an economic plan for the city of Paterson as well as a new budget. Torres was surprised Sayegh didn't attend saying "I am disappointed he didn't come". Sayegh responded by saying "public safety is a priority in Paterson, my constituents are my priority.

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Chief Oswald said that he "promised to be accountable, accessible, and available" at the meeting and promised to work closely with the community.

Councilman Sayegh said that it was important and vital to "establish a line of communication between the Police Chief Oswald and the stakeholders".