PATERSON, NJ- Approximately 200 Paterson stakeholders including residents, business owners, educators, and community leaders are set to launch the two-day “Call to Collaboration” hosted by Creative Paterson, part of Creative New Jersey’s statewide series of community-based convening, aimed at helping fuel current efforts already in action to foster creativity, collaboration, and inclusion by facilitating cross-sector partnerships in commerce, education, philanthropy, government, and culture.

The “Call to Collaboration” opens on Monday and continues through Tuesday.

The event, held at Passaic County College, is based around the theme “It’s Paterson’s Time,” and, through an “open space” format that offers participants the chance to lead discussions, move ideas forward, and develop  action plans, is designed to help lead Paterson as a 21st century model city.

Speaking of the anticipated outcome of the event Host Team member Jim Walsh said that “Too often we work in silos, and no one individual or agency can make all the change we want to see.” Serving full time as Chief Operating Officer/Director of Social Services for Paterson based Oasis- A Haven for Women and Children, Walsh continued “When agencies work together for the betterment of Paterson residents we can get our city closer to where we want it to be.”