TAPinto Paterson has invited all candidates for Board of Education to offer statements on several key issues related to the future of Paterson. These submissions will be run in their entirety and are not edited in any way.

Following is the final submission by Amany Ramadan on the future of Paterson Public Schools:

The future is our student's education, and they will be the future leaders for tomorrow. We must show and create a comprehensive image so that we can start painting for an inclusive future.  This is one of the steps to start creating the best image, so Paterson Public Schools must perceive to bring the best to the district for all students.

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Besides, the future of Paterson Public Schools has to bring enormous approaches and a different process to produce a successful and brighter student. A future that begins a sounder and greater environment for all students. An environment called home, where a student may always feel secure because the Paterson Public School will be a second home to our students.

Additionally, the students are endeavoring to the immeasurable idea to success. However, we must come to collaborate as a community, to oversee the problems that are occurring in the community and must correct the issues that arise. I believe we can have a community that supports our future leader if given the right avenues. To assist in collaboration by helping Paterson Public Schools to aim to a greater success to everyone. Working as a community with schools to bring the best to the city and its` families.

Certainly, technology is the future which we must look into; that will give greater avenues to flexibility and ability to have equal opportunity in education. For the students that may be facing disability that will help them in the ability to function and perform regular class activities.

Finally, there are many other changes that will come including healthy meals with a greater quality of nutrition not only food to eat. In addition to having a flexible opportunity for education with encouragement and incentives. Technology is a strong tool to be used in education and exposing our students to this technology at an early age should be the push for a brighter future.


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