TAPinto Paterson has invited all candidates for Mayor and City Council to offer statements on several key issues related to the future of Paterson. These submissions will be run in their entirety and not edited in any way.

Following are former Second Ward Councilman, and council hopeful, Aslon Goow’s views on economic development.


This is a question that is constantly asked.

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The only way to address this problem is by making the city of Paterson clean and safe. Even the residents that live here with the exceptions of those who cannot get out of the city, do not want to shop here. It has become a very dangerous environment and all are taking a chance to go to the store and hope that you will not be attacked or robbed. Then risking your home being broken into because you went shopping.

There  are presently several opportunities for Paterson to advance economically. One being the Great Falls as a tourist attraction. The other where several buildings have been knocked down with a tremendous amount of square footage that could attract a huge company to come here to do business. There’s also other potential opportunities to bring outlet stores to Paterson.

These are just some of the ideas in areas that I am considering to be involved in once elected Councilman At- Large.


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