TAPinto Paterson has invited all candidates for Mayor and City Council to offer statements on several key issues related to the future of Paterson. These submissions will be run in their entirety and not edited in any way.

Following are former councilman, and council hopeful, Kenneth “KD” McDaniel’s views on economic development.


I propose that we prioritize our goals (placing Paterson First) and that we utilize strategic planning for every major decision.This means studying and assessing every available option and opportunity for economic growth. Approving multi-decade tax abatements without a comprehensive plan that benefits Paterson and its residents is unlikely to yield fruitful results for our economy.

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I propose that, through our Division of Economic Development, we make an assessment of where our City’s competitive advantages lie. We must identify types of industries and specific companies that fit into our strategic plan. I propose that we invest in the development of our workforce by designing win/win solutions for new businesses and residents alike.

I propose that we become a “Client-Centered City”. I want us to think of our residents and our business community as clients that the Municipal Government seeks to empower, satisfy, and retain.

Strategically, I will help Paterson target its efforts to provide residents and businesses with opportunities to flourish. Municipal Government must take the position of being an active host, not just a statutory component of State Government.

We must be keenly mindful of ideas like Broken Windows Theory and Domino Effect. Crime, quality of life issues, and public safety have a direct impact on economic development. Low educational outcomes influence a City’s ability to generate a productive and competitive workforce. These issues must be addressed and corrected in ways that help to attract entrepreneurs and the private business sector to our City. People have to want to be here.

City Officials have to create an environment where people understand the inherent benefits of setting up shop in Paterson, NJ.

I will advocate for the Finance Committee to work hand-and-hand with the administration, monitoring budget proposals in real time, providing Council input as the process moves toward a final budget submission that reverses the trend of overburdening our financially stressed taxpayers.


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