TAPinto Paterson has invited all candidates for Mayor and City Council to offer statements on several key issues related to the future of Paterson. These submissions will be run in their entirety and not edited in any way.

Following are council hopeful Dr. Lilisa Mimms’ views on economic development.


You can’t economically develop a community without empowering the people.

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Before making investments in time, dollars and physical resources, we must ensure the project(s) align with a broader vision for the city. We can’t keep selling our city to the highest bidder.

The community deserves a seat at the table as well!

It’s high time that we plan to prosper and not to fail. In my aforementioned 39 page planpdf, there’s a clear path to the sustainability of our city. In order to facilitate growth, we must identify opportunities based on current assets and vision for the city and not just for outside developers, prioritize and evaluate risk versus return which includes community benefit and interest, build something the people want where it can be a win-win situation for the city and its residents and recognition of the creation of new jobs, new tax ratables, business growth and improved quality of life.

Our plan must always be to put the residents and city of Paterson first to ensure ‘A Better Paterson’.


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